We emphasize prime quality, whether the product comes from organic or conventional cultivators.

In case you want a product which is not listed in below range, please contact us. We will try to help you.

    Agrar Impex – your partner for organics. It means:

✓  A wide and high grade range of organic products, in guaranteed
     quality, marked with the organic label certified by the European

✓  A concentration of your demand of organic products streamlines
     your purchase. It saves time and cost.

✓  A reliable product safety and  guaranteed organic quality
     examined by independent laboratories and reinforced by regular
     certification inspections
, as stipulated by law. 

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Harvest calendar

You probably already know when the harvest season is where you live. But when is it in India or South America?

We asked ourselves this question when we were putting together this harvest calendar, and it really is hard to believe.

Even when the ground is covered with a thick blanket of snow where you live, the harvest is being brought in somewhere else in the world.

The respective countries are listed as a whole so that the following harvest times can only serve as guide values. The geographic size, climatic zones or differences in agricultural methods within a country are only partially taken into account for determining average times.